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Facility Improvements

Discover the ongoing facility enhancements and projects underway at Whistler Sailing.

All Hands On Deck Project

WSA is embarking on an exciting journey to enhance its facilities and provide an even better experience for sailing enthusiasts of all ages. With the vision of constructing a deck adorned with a protective cover, we aim to improve our facility and extend its utility. The aim of this expansion plan is the creation of a versatile multi-use area on the north end of the site. This area will not only serve as a sheltered teaching space but also a designated lunch area, fostering a vibrant community atmosphere.

To accommodate the growing demand for equipment storage, the space will also be used for additional storage for our sailing equipment.  

As part of our fundraising initiatives, generous donors can contribute $100 to have their names engraved on a plank, forever becoming a part of the school's legacy. This initiative not only supports our mission but also offers a tangible way for the community to leave its mark on our sailing school! 


In the short term, we will be focused on raising funds to purchase building materials needed for this project. 


Be part of the WSA legacy. 

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