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Projects on
the go

Discover the various projects Whistler Sailing is actively engaged in. Explore our initiatives and find out how you can contribute to support these endeavors.

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Carbon Neutral 

This project is dedicated to making Whistler Sailing the first carbon neutral sailing school in Canada by converting all coach boat gasoline engines to electric motors.


All Hands on Deck

The focus of this initiative is to raise funds for constructing a new covered deck area with the aim of achieving various objectives: creating a new teaching area, equipment storage and expanding usable space on site.

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Weather Station

The Whistler Sailing Weather Station, situated on our docks, delivers up-to-date information on wind and current conditions at Alta Lake. It serves as a preferred resource for many seeking the latest weather updates.

How you 
can help. 

There are various ways to support the Whistler Sailing initiatives, such as volunteering your time or making a donation. Reach out if you want to help!

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