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Head Coach Francois Hebert competes at 2022 Tasar World Championships

Article written by John Renehan

October 4, 2022 Exceptional Tasar World Championship on Puget Sound

The Bergans take the top spot in a highly competitive Worlds fleet during a week that offered sun and wind for all five days of racing in central Puget Sound. The Seattle-based pair of Dalton and Lindsay Bergan won the Tasar World Championship on Puget Sound over the third week of September. Seattle teams dominated the top spots, showing off what two-and-a-half years of tuning, rigging, and technique refinements can do to advance a class. Dalton and Lindsay’s excellent starts, consistently cunning decision-making, and all-around speed kept them ahead of Jonathan and Libby McKee often enough to take the win. This is the first Tasar Worlds victory for Dalton and Lindsay; and it is Dalton’s second world title of the year, following his Aero victory in June.


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