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Creating a Carbon Neutral Operation

At Whistler Sailing, we are deeply concerned about the environment and ecosystem of Alta Lake. With summer demand of the lakes higher than ever, our fragile environment could be at risk. Whistler Sailing is committed to ensuring the sustainability of our lake, and has initiated the Preserving Alta Lake Project. This project is dedicated to making Whistler Sailing the first carbon neutral sailing school in Canada by converting all coach boat gasoline engines to electric motors.

Through fundraising, generous grants from the Whistler Blackcomb Environmental Fund and the support of a silent donor who cares deeply about the subject, Whistler Sailing has converted two motors to electric engines. While the technology is still in testing, WSA sees a future of an electrified coach boat fleet.

On June 2, 2021, General Manager Francois Hebert and Commodore Patrick McCurdy made a presentation to Council regarding the electrification of Alta Lake. You can review the presentation here

Preserving Alta Lake Project

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Barge 'test' Engine

WSA Acquired it's first Torqeedo electric engine in 2017. This engine was placed on the sailing association barge as a trial engine to see if the technology would be sufficient for a coach boat. This test proved successful, and thus led to the carbon neutral plan - to replace every gasoline coach boat engine with an electric engine.


Bruce Engine

WSA secured WB Enviro Fund grant of 25%, and secured a private donor to match the project up to 50%. This engine replaced the current gasoline engine on Coach Boat Bruce. Completed 2020. 



Hank EZ Motor 

WSA purchased an EZ motor for coach boat Hank. Unfortunately the technology proved unreliable and the engine was sent back for repair. WSA will be trialing this engine again in 2024. 

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